Sea Change


We want your best original writing: stories, poems, and essays that owe some debt to the sea.

Just the sea? Well no, we're also interested in work inspired by rivers and lakes, coasts and shores, in short, those watery places and edges that sustain us.

Surprise us. Make us think. And feel. And act. And see the world anew.

For all standard submissions, please send a short cover letter in the body of the email (including a short bio) and attach the submission itself as a separate file in plain text, Rich Text (.rtf), or MS Word format (no .docx files, please). Please note any simultaneous submissions.

If you are a pre-university student, please provide your age, grade, school name and location.

Poetry: Send up to 5 poems as one attached document, titled with your name (i.e. John_Keats.doc), to

Prose: Send one story or essay titled with your name (i.e. John_Keats.doc), to

Sea Change only considers material that has not been previously published.

Please do not submit more than once every six months.